Geotalks AB is a one-man company run by Mats Larsson.

Organisationsnummer 559415-0962

Seat: Stumsnäs Tyskvägen 10, Vikarbyn. Rättvik municipality
Bankgiro: 124-0027 Handelsbanken

Swish number 1230957704

Has F-tax certificate VAT number SE559415096201

Holds consultant liability insurance (Länsförsäkringar)

Activities. The company shall conduct consulting activities such as training, mentoring, authorship and presentation in geotechnical engineering and related activities.

Results achieved

Mats Larsson has more than 45 years of technical experience in geotechnical engineering. Mostly as a geotechnical engineer in infrastructure projects with management and task management of geotechnical investigations but also as a manager of geotechnical operations. Thanks to his leadership skills, assignment experience, geotechnical knowledge and a large network, Mats is particularly suitable as a mentor or trainer.

  • Management experience. More than 20 years of management experience in geotechnical and foundation engineering
  • Participated as author or co-author in a dozen technical articles published in Swedish trade journals.
  • Further trained around 100 young geotechnical engineers/field geotechnical engineers within Vectura / Sweco / WSP.
  • Mentored around ten young engineers at Vectura, Sweco and WSP.
  • Delivered several hundred technical lectures
  • Worked internationally (Finland, Norway, Denmark and India) for more than six years.

Work in progress

Sale of the children's book "Alfred Jordborraren åker till Siljansringen".

English translation of the children's book "Alfred the Soildriller goes to Siljan Geopark".

Lectures and examines in Geotechnical Engineering at the Civil Engineering program, Dalarna University. 

Planning for the 2024 Geotech Training. WSP Earth & Environment

Ongoing mentoring for young geotechnical engineers at WSP and Sweco.

Ongoing guided tours / lectures in Siljan Geopark