Training in geotechnical engineering

Training courses and lectures in Geotechnics, Geology and Groundwork.

Mentoring in geotechnical engineering

Mentoring is based on your needs and expectations.

Children's book on geotechnical engineering

"Alfred the Earth Driller goes to the Siljan Ring" is the story of a boy who wants to know more about what is under the ground.

The company offers

Trainings, Lectures / Guided tours, Mentorship in Geotechnics, Geology and Groundwork and Sale of the children's book "Alfred Jordborraren åker till Siljansringen". Read more about the offers under each tab above.

Siljan Geopark - a unique place in Europe

The Siljan Ring has long interested geologists and is now a major source of knowledge. The geopark is the narrative voice of the place. In 2019, Siljan Geopark was awarded national geopark status by the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU).

Mats Larsson, GEOTALKS

Geotalks AB is a one-man company run by Mats Larsson. Mats has more than 45 years of technical experience in geotechnical engineering. Mostly as a geotechnical engineer in infrastructure projects with management and assignment management of geotechnical investigations but also as a manager of geotechnical operations. Thanks to his leadership skills, assignment experience, geotechnical knowledge and a large network, Mats is particularly suitable as a mentor or trainer. Mats is known for his ability to explain difficult geotechnical problems in an easily understandable way.